Sunday, May 21, 2017

Grandmother Winsome Returns

Kiddies, I'm back! My overseas trip was delightful and rewarding. I was able to reconnect with some associates I hadn't seen in decades. I got back Thursday, and with renewed energy immediately set to work on a new experiment, one requiring plenty of materials. I employed Cindy's help in tracking down certain items, sending her to places where her small size would give her an advantage in obtaining them. During a short break in my work, while waiting for her to return, I took a look at a couple of Cindy's recent Fanny Game blog posts, and I am very pleased with her work. So I've decided to give Cindy more responsibilities here at Winsome Headquarters. And for those of you who sent in Fanny Mail while I was overseas, I will be getting to some of those letters during future breaks in this important experiment.

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