Monday, May 15, 2017

Fanny Mail: A Fan Loves His New Mower

Grandmother is still overseas, and the Fanny Mail is really piling up. Grandmother didn't leave me any instructions regarding the mail, but I don't want her to have too much work waiting for her when she returns. So on my way out the door this morning, I decided to grab one of the letters. I had a chance to read it during lunch and to work on a response during recess. The letter was from Phil Dombrowski of West Mifflin, Pennsylvania, who writes: "Dear Grandmother Winsome, my neighbor's cat had a habit of cutting through my yard, but last weekend when my new 24 horsepower riding lawn mower was delivered, I was finally able to fix the problem. In years past, the cat was able to outrun my old push mower, due mainly to my bad knee. My neighbor was completely understanding of the 'accident' and didn't put up a fuss. And so I got to thinking about my other neighbors' dog, which sometimes barks in the evening. They keep it tied up, and as a result it never enters my yard. So I was just wondering if it would seem suspicious if I offered to mow their lawn."

Well, Mr. Dombrowski, my teacher always says it's nice to help out a neighbor. And I'm sure your neighbors will understand that you want to ride on your new mower as much as possible. Do a good job, and you might find other neighbors requesting your services, and soon you'll be able to mow the entire neighborhood.

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