Monday, May 22, 2017

Fanny Mail: A Question From Missouri

Kiddies, I am tickled pink at the number of letters that arrived while I was overseas. Today I've decided to answer a letter from Frank Moore of Joplin, Missouri. Frank writes: "Dear Grandmother Winsome, I've been running an orphanage for the past seven months. When I took over the position, the orphanage had been about to close due to crowded conditions and lack of funding. I turned things around by implementing the system we used at my previous job at the dog pound. If the orphanage is full, a child has seventy-two hours to be claimed, or it is put down. At first, some of the staff found the system distasteful, so I created the Tree Program as well. Each time a child dies, we plant a tree in his or her memory. But now we're running out of room on our two-acre property. The Tree Program has become something of an important tradition here with both the staff and the children. What could I implement that would be a worthy replacement?"

Well, Frank, you could plant something smaller, like a bush. And if you run out of room for those, you could re-name some of the objects that are already there at the orphanage in memory of the children. The Katie Washing Machine, for example, or the Emily Refrigerator, or even the Little Larry Light Switch. Using objects already in your possession would also save the orphanage money. I'm sure the staff and children would enjoy re-naming all the objects they can find.

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