Sunday, May 1, 2016

Grandmother Winsome: Classifieds

Kiddies, I am delighted to have received another response to my online classified ad offering legal advice. Shelia Wallace writes, "Can you help with the filing of a retrial, in a murder case?"

Well, Shelia, I'd be happy to help, so long as the person you killed wasn't a fan of mine. First off, your lawyer should do the actual filing of the motions. And secondly, if you're in prison, you're going to need someone you trust on the outside to handle some of these details. Getting a mistrial the first time around I'm sure seemed like a win, but this time your goal should be for an acquittal. You don't want another mistrial, because it's too risky. Witness tampering will be a key to your success. Get the witnesses to question their memories regarding events outside of the scope of the trial, so that they, and the jury, will come to question their memories in general. That is, of course, only if persuading them to leave the state doesn't work. In addition, you should give some attention to the jury. No one's past is completely without blemish, and having information on the jury members' pasts can be quite helpful if the trial seems to turn against you. The jury will be just as anxious as you to get home and put this behind them. I hope this helps, Sweetie.

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