Monday, May 2, 2016

Fanny Mail: A Real Estate Question

Hi, Kiddies. Early this morning I received an email from Randall Emery of Mason City, Iowa. Randall writes: "Dear Grandmother Winsome, when my wife and I were being shown a house by our real estate agent, we discovered a body in the cellar. We bought the house right on the spot. But then when we moved in a week later, we found that the body had been removed. We called our real estate agent to complain, but she said there's nothing she can do. My wife and I went through the rest of the house, and nothing else seems to be missing, but still, since the house was sold to us 'As Is,' we feel cheated and violated. How do we recover our property?"

Well, Randall, you have a right to be upset, particularly if the body was a selling point, and it sounds like it was. Perhaps this is a scam the owner and real estate agent have concocted to run with all of their properties. They might just keep moving the body around, fooling potential buyers into thinking it's included with each house. The public should be warned of such fraudulent business practices. And you are well within your rights to demand the body back. Let the real estate agent know you're onto their scheme, and threaten legal action if your property is not returned within forty-eight hours.

To anyone in the housing market, I strongly recommend taking photographs of every room when purchasing a house, so you'll have proof of what was shown to you by your real estate agent.

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