Sunday, November 16, 2014

Getting That Great Gift: Jane's Holiday Experiment (Week #3)

Christmas is coming, and this year I am determined to get a special gift. So I've decided to conduct a little holiday experiment and date the same man every weekend leading up to the big day. Men don’t feel obligated to invest enough money in a gift if they haven’t invested enough time in the relationship. So you have to start early. I've calculated that eight dates are necessary for the man to spend a significant enough sum on the gift.

Yesterday was my third date with Glenn, and it was definitely an improvement over the first two, as we didn't go bowling. So progress is certainly being made toward the goal of getting that special Christmas gift. This was more of a proper date: a movie and a meal. We got an early start. A bit earlier than I would have liked, actually. We met at the movie theater for a noon matinee. We got to the restaurant by two, and the whole thing was over by three. Though this date felt a bit rushed, I was still able to make some use of it by dropping in some important hints. During the movie I nudged Glenn whenever the female lead was shown with a beautiful piece of jewelry or a gorgeous fur.

Next week our date should begin at a more proper date time, no earlier than seven. Glenn told me he'd get back to me in a few days to let me know his schedule.

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