Saturday, November 1, 2014

Getting That Great Gift: Jane’s Holiday Experiment

Christmas will be here soon. The past few years I’ve been disappointed by the gifts I’ve received from men. This year I am determined to receive something substantial. To that end, I'm going to conduct a little experiment. I’ve decided to date the same man several times rather than many men once. I gave myself Halloween as a deadline to start this experiment, because that gives me eight weekends before Christmas, enough dates to make the man feel obligated to spend a significant amount of money on my gift.

I met Glenn at a bar on the 30th. He was seated by himself, and we soon struck up a conversation. He complimented me on the coat I was wearing, so I knew he was a man of good character. When I mentioned I had no plans for Halloween, he asked me to join him for the evening.

So last night we had our first date. He suggested we meet at his favorite bowling alley, which was located directly across the street from that bar. We bowled several games, and afterwards I mentioned that I was feeling hungry. Glenn said he was tired, and so we called it a night. It wasn’t an ideal date, as bowling isn't my favorite activity, but I will be seeing him again next Friday.

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