Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Cindy's Quarterly Report

A year ago some members of the Winsome Family contributed New Year’s resolutions to my blog. And here we are, the year complete, and one member of the family has kept up with her resolution. Cindy resolved to do one thing each week to cheer up the elderly, and, one minor issue aside, she has done just that. Here, then, is Cindy’s final Quarterly Report.

Week 40: Cindy helped decorate the Birch Street Nursing Home for Halloween.

Week 41: She put on some of Mr. Matthews' dead wife's perfume to help him remember the good old days.

Week 42: She raked leaves from the entrance to the Birch Street Nursing Home. As per Mr. Matthews’ request, she also cleaned the leaves from his room.

Week 43: Cindy dressed as Mr. Matthews’ dead wife to help him celebrate their wedding anniversary.

Week 44: She wore her Halloween costume to the Birch Street Nursing Home. All of the patients loved her kitten costume, which I made for her from real cat scraps. One man loved it so much he pet her for hours.

Week 45: Absent

Week 46: Absent

Week 47: Absent

Week 48: Cindy tied pink ribbons to the park bench where the elderly sit. She also wiped the bench clean with her sleeve.

Week 49: She helped push an old woman's shopping cart at the local market.

Week 50: She helped a neighbor unload Christmas packages from her car.

Week 51: She lent an old woman her extra pair of mittens.

Week 52: Cindy cleared trash from Mrs. Chang's grave.

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