Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Fanny Mail: Another Legal Advice Success Story

Kiddies, I am always tickled pink to hear from fans who put my advice into action! I want to share a delightful email that I just received from Tammy Pederson of Phoenix, Arizona. Tammy writes: "Dear Grandmother Winsome, my husband and I have long been bothered by our neighbor's diaper parties, not because of the strange characters that descend upon our neighborhood once a month, but because of the smell from the trash bags set out at the end of his driveway the next morning. In the Phoenix heat, the smell can become overbearing. My husband was going to have a talk with him about it Sunday, to request he leave the bags in his basement until trash pick-up day. But then we saw your excellent new legal advice regarding the use of diapers to dispose of evidence, and it occurred to us how these trash bags could be beneficial to us after all. Before the trash pick-up today, we were able to dispose of quite a bit of evidence. Your tip not only helped us in this regard, but also avoided a potential conflict with our neighbor. We now look forward to his next diaper party."

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