Monday, December 14, 2015

Fanny Mail: A Question About A Christmas Visit

Hi, Kiddies! This weekend I received an email from Stephen Hopkins of Boulder, Colorado. Stephen writes: "Dear Grandmother Winsome, in September for my fortieth birthday my great uncle gave to me a valuable painting that has been in the family for generations. Now he's planning a trip out to visit me this Christmas. With his failing health, I never imagined I'd see him again, let alone that he'd be able to fly all the way out here from Virginia.  But he said he'd really like to spend time with me once more before he passes, and mentioned that he looks forward to seeing where I’ve hung the painting. The truth is, I sold it to finance a memorable weekend in Las Vegas. What should I do?"

Well, Stephen, the important question to consider here is whether your great uncle has any other valuables. If so, then you should definitely welcome him into your home this holiday. When he arrives, tell him that the painting means so much to you that you decided to have the frame polished by professionals. Tell him that the people you chose come highly recommended, and because of that, they’re so busy this holiday that they won’t be able to complete the job until after the new year. That way, even if your great uncle stays for a week, he won’t expect to see the painting. If, on the other hand, this was the only valuable item you stand to inherit from him, then tell him you have other plans for the holiday.

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