Monday, November 30, 2015

Jane's Social Work

I kept hearing that times were changing, and now I believe it. On Saturday I had a date, and the man actually expected me to pay for my own meal. I was astonished and disgusted. And then embarrassed, as of course I hadn't brought my wallet. So today I called an emergency session at the women's center to discuss this problem. Oddly, the girls there were unfazed by my story. They seemed to not have a problem with paying on a date, saying it made them feel more independent. So clearly they're more troubled than I had thought. As I've said before, these girls can really use my help. So I held an impromptu seminar on proper dating etiquette, and stressed how important it is to discover ahead of time whether the man intends to pay or not. I told them to ask the man if the restaurant accepts credit cards, or if they need to swing by the ATM before the date. If the man is worth pursuing, he will say right then that he's paying. If he says anything else, then it's time to back out of the date. It feels good to turn what was a tragedy for me into a lesson for others.

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