Friday, December 12, 2014

Getting That Great Gift: Jane's Holiday Experiment (Week #7)

This is the seventh week of my holiday experiment, in which I am dating the same man for the eight weeks leading up to Christmas in order to get a substantial gift. Last week Glenn unintentionally revealed the expensive necklace he intends to purchase for me for Christmas. So this week I wasn't all that upset when he said he was only able to meet me during the week on his lunch break. Because I now am certain that he is saving up his money to buy that great gift for me.

As part of my plan to reinforce his excellent choice of gifts, I wore a pretty dress with a low neckline, but without a necklace. Ordinarily I wouldn't be seen in public with a low neckline and no necklace, but the circumstances called for it. Glenn cleverly avoided mentioning the necklace, so clearly he wishes it to be a surprise. But I carefully brought up the subject of jewelry several times, and it seemed that one of those times he winked at me. This is shaping up to be a very merry Christmas indeed.

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