Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Fanny Mail: A Professor's Question

Today I received an email from Professor Nicole Jennings of Seattle, Washington. Professor Jennings writes: "Is it possible to rent children from an orphanage? I am curious about the effects of grief on young children, and for statistical purposes need at least a dozen subjects to take to various funerals. I’d use my own children, but I fear the long-term effects might be devastating. And though my study is currently unfunded, I am willing to pay the orphanage for the use of their children."

Well, Professor, I’m sure the people who run the orphanage would be happy to have you take the children off their hands for a while. And if you’re able to sweeten the deal by giving them a bit of money, I can’t see how they could object. Plus, the children will likely appreciate a day out.

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