Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Camping Tip From Edward

When camping with a scout troop, you'll need bug repellant and sunblock. Be sure to get the kind you have to rub on by hand rather than the less-personal spray.

If anyone questions your choice, here is a list of legitimate reasons for using the lotion rather than the spray:
  • Aerosol sprays are bad for the environment
  • Aerosol sprays are harmful for children with asthma, and could trigger an attack
  • The spray is flammable, and is therefore more dangerous
  • There is less of a chance of getting the lotion in someone's eyes
  • The lotions come in smaller sizes that will fit more easily inside your backpack 
  • The lotion eliminates the wind as a factor
  • The lotions often have a more pleasant fragrance 
  • With the lotion, you have more control over just where you're spreading it

Though these are all valid explanations, you could also simply tell the person the store was out of the spray.

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