Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fanny Mail: A Question About Rescue Shelter Cats

Hi, Kiddies! Today I received an email from a fan in Oklahoma City. Ernest Cotter writes: "Dear Grandmother Winsome, I saw Cindy's blog post on Saturday about her kitten costume, and I was thinking how wonderful it would be to have clothes made from cat fur. So I was wondering, what do they do at the animal rescue shelters with the cats they have to put down? Is it possible to have several of those rejected cats held for me to make a fur coat? Furs are so expensive, and I just love how soft cats are. I have some time on my hands now that I've retired, so I can learn to stitch them into something beautiful."

Ernest, it's always wonderful to hear from a fan. And you're right — furs can be awfully expensive. That's why I was hoping to receive a new mink for my birthday. No luck there, but Christmas is just around the corner. With regards to the cats, I think that is a great idea. Why waste good furs by tossing them into the incinerator? Your idea is actually environmentally sound. The animal rights activists will appreciate your work in saving at least part of the animals. Call the shelter first to see if they have any litters, because you'll want the cats to match, especially if you're going for a gorgeous full-length coat. 

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  1. My I offer some advice, the shelter in Akron has been known to just toss the cat corpses into the dumpster! hang out there and you can get them for free!