Monday, October 28, 2013

Fanny Mail: A Second Halloween Decoration Question

Hi, Kiddies! As you recall, last week I answered a letter from a man in Bridgeport, Connecticut, who asked about donating blood to his local school's Halloween festivities. Well, this weekend I received an email from a man in Twin Falls, Idaho, who had read my blog post and had a related question.

Robert Gaskin writes: "Can I bequeath my skeleton to the local grammar school to use on Halloween? I’ve always enjoyed scaring children, and I’d like to continue to do so as long as possible."

Well, Robert, I think that's a wonderful idea. Many people donate their bodies to medical students. But why should the older students have all the fun? The younger ones will get a nice fright and may also learn a thing or two about human anatomy. And as I wrote in last year's Halloween Tip #1: "Real human skeletons are much scarier than those plastic fakes."

By the way, Kiddies, Robert also writes in his message: "I would love to send you a mink coat for your birthday. A friend of mine nearby raises minks. Unfortunately, a few months ago some vandals broke in and set loose thousands of the animals. His business hasn't yet recovered. But you're right - minks always make a wonderful gift. I hope you get the coat you want for your birthday."

What a sweet man!

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