Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fanny Mail: A Halloween Decoration Question

As you know, Kiddies, Halloween will be here soon. (That is also my birthday, for anyone who wishes to send along a present. Minks are always appreciated.) Many people are busy getting prepared for this wonderful holiday. Recently I received a letter from Ronald Bodkins of Bridgeport, Connecticut, with a Halloween question.

Ronald writes: "Is it possible to donate blood to the local school’s Halloween festivities? What kind of container should it be in? Last year I intended to donate some to a friend’s haunted house, but neglected to put a lid on the container, and as a result the trunk of my car is still stained." 

Well, Ronald, what a thoughtful idea! The children will love the authenticity of the Halloween scares which your (or whoever’s) blood will provide. I would contact the adult in charge of planning the Halloween activities, and see if she is need of some more blood. She’d also likely be able to advise you on the proper choice of containers. But certainly you won’t make the same mistake as last year. Sometimes blood stains are difficult to remove, Sweetie. Happy Halloween!

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