Monday, July 22, 2013

Fanny Mail: An Important Parenting Question

Late last week I received a letter from Jeannine and Roy Patterson of La Crosse, Wisconsin. They write: "Our child went missing a week ago. Will the adoption agency automatically send a replacement? Or do we have to go round and pick one up? Our schedules are rather hectic these days, so it would be much more convenient for us if they make deliveries. We're just not sure of the correct procedure."

Well, Jeannine and Roy, it is likely that different agencies have different procedures regarding replacements. As you both seem to be very busy, you might consider having your maid make the phone call to your agency. She can relay the information to you later when you have a few free moments, and then you can decide how to proceed from there. Even if they do make deliveries, I caution you that it might be a better idea to go in yourself if even one of you can manage the time, as the agency, left to its own devices, might send you their least appealing child. And then you'll end up spending the time anyway making an exchange. If, however, it is impossible for you to find the time to go in, and they do not make deliveries, be sure to print out a copy of my important adoption tips to give to your maid when she makes the pick-up.

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