Monday, May 21, 2012

Grandmother Winsome's Tips For Adopting A Child

  1. Make sure the child doesn't need any special medication or food. That could become costly and burdensome. 
  2. Younger children are more malleable, so avoid ones that have been in circulation too long. Those are also more likely to have picked up some bad habits. 
  3. Ask to see the child naked first. The adoption agency might be trying to hide a deformity or birth mark with clothing. 
  4. Firm thighs are a sign of a healthy child, so give them a good squeeze. Think of children the way you think of fruit. Watch for bruising. 
  5. If possible, take a look at the child's actual parents. If they're ugly, there's a good chance that before long the child will turn ugly too. 
  6. If the child is already able to talk, ask it what its expectations are. Then see if those are in line with your plans. 
  7. Ask the adoption agency for a demonstration of the child's pain threshold. 
  8. If you adopt a child from another country, there will be less of a paper trail, but make sure that shipping is included in the cost. That's where they try to get you. 
  9. Shop around. Even if you really like the first child you see, hold off purchase until you've gone to at least one or two competing agencies. 
  10. Save your receipt. If something goes wrong with the child in the first ninety days, you should be able to return it for a full refund.

 These tips will help make your adoption experience more pleasant.


  1. Are you sure there are only ten things to consider?

  2. I feel these are the ten most important tips. But you're right, there are more things to consider. Perhaps I will revisit this subject in a later blog entry.