Monday, May 14, 2012

A Tooth Fairy's Query

Hi, kiddies.  I've been receiving a lot of letters lately from parents with various important concerns.  Today I'd like to share one of those letters with you.

Tammy Montgomery writes, "Dear Grandmother Winsome, my child lost his first tooth yesterday.  He put it under his pillow, so of course I took it and left him a quarter.  But now I'm wondering, what do I do with this tooth?  It seems wrong somehow to just throw it away.  After all, it's a piece of my child.  I wouldn't throw away his leg or hand or eyes if they should fall off.  So I was thinking I might wait until the rest of his teeth have fallen out and make a necklace out of them.  But I was wondering if you or any of your viewers might have other ideas.  I would be grateful for any suggestions."

Tammy, first of all, I think the necklace idea is wonderful.  And possibly profitable.  If you have a few other children, you might consider a jewelry line.  You could sell them from home.  On the other hand, let me stress that you shouldn't feel obligated to save any part of your child.  It's enough that you feed and clothe him.  Tossing away his teeth doesn't mean you care for him any less.  You don't want to become one of those mothers who saves her child's drawings and school papers and Mother's Day cards.  Never become too attached.

I do, however, encourage my loyal viewers to write in with any suggestions they might have for Tammy.  I know some of you have had children, and possibly a few of them lived long enough for their teeth to fall out.  What did you do with those teeth?


  1. Make lemonade! xxoo

  2. Put it in the ground and plant it. Maybe it'll grow and she wouldn't have to depend on other teeth for her jewelery busines.