Monday, July 1, 2013

Cindy's Quarterly Report

Last December some of the Winsome Family members contributed their New Year's resolutions to my blog. As you know, Cindy's was to do one thing each week to cheer up the elderly. What a sweet girl. She has been so good about posting her weekly updates on my blog. In April I shared her progress in the first Quarterly Report, and now it is time for Cindy’s second Quarterly Report. 

Week 14: Cindy caught some insects and a lizard and let them loose in the Birch Street Nursing Home for those patients who can't go outside to see wildlife any more.

Week 15: She took a pillow from home to Mrs. Chang at the Birch Street Nursing Home, because her family had forgotten to pack one with her belongings.

Week 16: Cindy rubbed vapor salve on Mr. Matthews' chest when he came down with a sudden cough.

Week 17: She gave Mr. Matthews a haircut before his court hearing. 

Week 18: She added sugar to all of the cereal in the Birch Street Nursing Home pantry.

Week 19: She reminded the elderly that they have absolutely no obligations.

Week 20: Cindy visited Mrs. Chang at the Birch Street Nursing Home on Mother’s Day. Her family couldn’t make it, because they were busy going white water rafting.

Week 21: She told Mrs. Geffner that blue is a pretty color for hair.

Week 22: She painted all nine of Mrs. Shimshack's toenails a bright pink.

Week 23: Cindy told Mrs. Beaumont she might be reincarnated as a giraffe.

Week 24: She took the leftover sweets from her last-day-of-school picnic to the patients at the Birch Street Nursing Home because some of them told her they're not provided with enough dessert there.

Week 25: Cindy called Mrs. Chang on the phone, pretending to be her daughter, and wished her a happy birthday.

Week 26: She went to the Birch Street Nursing Home and covered the bathroom floor with sand and put seaweed in the tub to make them feel like they're at the beach.

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