Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Fan's Super Bowl Activities

Hi, Kiddies. Today I got a new message from longtime fan Chuck of West Virginia. I'm always happy to hear from him. Chuck writes: "Good news, Grandmother! I'm going to be in Phoenix next weekend for the big game. Though I have a lot of money riding on the outcome, I don't actually have a ticket. That's okay, because I'm going for a completely different reason. I recently watched a documentary film that said that the Super Bowl is the number one day for prostitutes. They actually ship them in from all over the place to satisfy the needs of football fans. The pickings are usually pretty slim here in West Virginia, so I am very excited to check out a wider selection. I might even try Mexican. Depending on how my bets go, I may want to extend my stay. Although the documentary was excellent in providing details about this special facet of the Super Bowl, it failed to mention when the prostitutes are shipped out again. Do you know how long the whores stick around after the game?"

Well, Chuck, most of the people who go to the game will not be able to fly out that night, and those who bet on the losing team will likely desire the comfort provided by a prostitute. So girls will be available for at least a day or two after the game. By Wednesday, most of them will be on their way to New Orleans in preparation for the Mardi Gras celebrations. But if your winnings are substantial, you should have no trouble persuading your favorite hooker to stay an extra day or two.

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