Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fanny Mail: A Question Of Fairness

Earlier today I received an email from Ernie Brozier of Wichita, Kansas. Ernie writes: "Dear Grandmother Winsome, the woman I raped several years ago is currently on a book tour, promoting her work on life lessons she’s learned through coming to terms with her ordeal. I hadn't spoken to anyone about that night, and I had expected that the woman would likewise keep it to herself. And now I've learned that she's capitalizing on an experience that I made possible for her. Isn't it only fair then that I should receive some of the credit and royalties? After all, she wouldn’t be in this position had it not been for me. Of course, I’m not claiming to have done any of the writing. But obviously none of those lessons would have been possible without me coming into her life."

Well, Ernie, while I do think you have a point, I also believe the author may not be inclined to share the credit for her work. After all, it sounds like she's writing about her own experiences following your meeting. However, you can always contact her publisher and agent and make your case to them. You could also retain a lawyer to make your case for you. If you don't get the response you're hoping for, another option would be to write a book yourself detailing your own position and what you've learned from the experience. A little research leads me to believe that book might sell even better.

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