Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Rest In Peace, Mrs. Chang

Hi, Kiddies! As you know, one of Cindy's little friends died recently. In commemoration, Cindy asked me to help her recount the life of Mrs. Chang.

Mrs. Chang moved to the Birch Street Nursing Home in March this year. Her family had forgotten to pack her pillow, so Cindy took her an old one from the attic of Winsome Headquarters. In May, Cindy visited her on Mother's Day. Then in June, Cindy visited her on her birthday. Such a festive one, that Mrs. Chang. More recently, the pillow Cindy gave her was stolen. But Cindy was able to find her a cushion to replace it. Mrs. Chang then took Cindy on a shopping excursion for a coffin and a cemetery plot. And not a moment too soon, either, for this past week, while Cindy was visiting the Birch Street Nursing Home, Mrs. Chang suddenly died. Mrs. Chang's hobbies included napping, looking out her window, and talking about her own death. Mrs. Chang is survived by her entire family, who could not be reached for they are currently on another white water rafting trip.

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