Monday, September 30, 2013

Cindy's Quarterly Report

Last December some of the Winsome Family members contributed their New Year's resolutions to my blog. As you know, Cindy's was to do one thing each week to cheer up the elderly. She has kept up with it, even over her summer vacation. Now it is time for Cindy’s third Quarterly Report. This time there has been lots of interesting activity over at the Birch Street Nursing Home, including a bon voyage to Mrs. Chang.

Week 27: Cindy went to the Birch Street Nursing Home to help them celebrate the Fourth of July. Those on one side of the building were able to see the neighboring town's fireworks display through their windows, but had trouble hearing it, so she stood behind them and shouted "BANG" whenever the fireworks went off.

Week 28: She made Get Well Soon cards for all the patients at the Birch Street Nursing Home.

Week 29: She made paper-mache dentures as temporary replacements for Mrs. Beaumont after her proper ones were stolen by the Birch Street Nursing Home thief.

Week 30: Cindy promised Mrs. Chang she’d help clear trash from her grave.

Week 31: She showed them her collection of old coins.

Week 32: She found a cushion for Mrs. Chang to replace the pillow she'd given her earlier, which was stolen by the Birch Street Nursing Home thief.

Week 33: She walked with Mrs. Chang next door to the Birch Street Funeral Home and helped her pick out a coffin. After that, they walked across the street to the Birch Street Cemetery, where she helped her pick out a plot.

Week 34: She started keeping a late-night vigil outside the Birch Street Nursing Home in an effort to catch the thief.

Week 35: Cindy wiped the lipstick off of Mrs. Chang’s teeth before they carted away her body.

Week 36: She told the new occupant of Mrs. Chang's room that she could keep Mrs. Chang's cushion.

Week 37: She sang to Mr. Matthews one of his deceased wife’s favorite songs.

Week 38: She helped return the stolen items found in Mrs. Shimshack's closet after her death. 

Week 39: Cindy gave medical aid to Mr. Matthews.

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