Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Welcome To Grandmother Winsome's Blog

Hi, kiddies.  This is Grandmother Winsome, and I just want to welcome you all to my blog.  As some of you are aware, I recently started my own greeting card company (with the help of a couple of boys), called Grandmother's Fanny Game Greeting Cards.  So far I've released four cards.  I have many still available for sale, for those who are interested.  (The very first card is pictured on this blog entry.)  The cards came out wonderfully, and I'm now hard at work on the next batch of cards.

I'm also very excited to announce my new program, which will be available to view here and on You Tube.  It's titled Grandmother Winsome's Variety Minute, and on this show I will offer advice on a variety of topics.  There will also be lots of other treats and surprises, so stay tuned.

I hope everyone who reads this will click "Follow" because I am pleased to be able to help so many people.

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