Friday, December 23, 2016

Fanny Mail: A Christmas Wish

Kiddies, today I received an email from Larry Hickey of Panama City Beach, Florida. Larry writes: "Dear Grandmother Winsome, for the Christmas season, I made a generous gift to a children's charity. But my child has yet to visit and thank me. It doesn't seem very Christmas-like for the child to get his wish while mine goes unfulfilled. I realize the child has to make the rounds, and I am willing to wait until New Year's Eve. After that, I feel I should get my money back. If I'm not going to get my Christmas wish, I'd just as soon put that fifty bucks toward repairs to my truck."

Well, Larry, if you feel you haven't received what you paid for, you can contact the Better Business Bureau. Or, to save you the time and hassle, just call your credit card company and tell them that an unauthorized charge was made on your card. They get so many calls during the holiday season that they'll probably reverse the charge without an investigation.

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