Friday, August 5, 2016

Fanny Mail: A New Request For Cindy

Kiddies, I just received another letter from longtime fan Mr. Matthews of the Birch Street Nursing Home. Mr. Matthews writes: "Dear Grandmother Winsome, I am grateful to you for having sent Cindy to me to be my Valentine this year. We had a wonderful day. However, after that, my health declined, and I've been confined to bed. The one thing that has lifted my spirits is the Christmas tree drawing Cindy made for me last December, which is taped to the wall next to my bed. But now that the weather is warmer, and my health has improved enough to have a visitor, I feel a change of decor is in order. Please send Cindy to me with a drawing more fit for the summer season."

Mr. Matthews, I would be delighted to send Cindy to you. I believe she's out with a friend, playing in their tree house. But when she gets in, I'll set her to work on a new drawing for your wall.

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