Monday, February 15, 2016

World War II Victory!

What a wonderful weekend, Kiddies! Saturday we held our World War II reenactment, and it was a lot of fun for both participants and spectators. Cindy helped by setting up the Jews at one end of the field and preheating the ovens. As the bleachers reached capacity, the Nazis, in precise military formation, marched onto the field. At one o'clock sharp, I blew the whistle, and the Nazis charged and defeated the Jewish army. One of the spectators told me it was the swiftest reenactment he had ever witnessed.

The cast and I went out drinking afterward to celebrate. The only person who couldn't make it was Jacob Goldstein, who was injured during the performance. Caught up in the excitement, he tripped over one of the cardboard Jews and banged his head. The rest of us had a fine time and were out quite late. I was tickled pink when one of the young, blond soldiers got a little fresh with me, and he and I then spent a wonderful Valentine's Day together. I will have to remember to contact Jacob to retrieve his Nazi uniform.

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