Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Fanny Mail: A New Son

Hi, Kiddies! This morning I received an email from Bill Snyder of Lebanon, Pennsylvania. Bill writes: "Dear Grandmother Winsome, I just learned that I have a son. He is fifteen, and his name is Ephram. His mother now thinks I should be a part of his life, but I hate the name Ephram. If I'm to be a parent, shouldn't I have a say in what the child is to be named?"

Well, Bill, perhaps you should meet with the child once and see if he's worth getting to know. If he is, then you could discuss his name with the boy's mother. If she's unwilling to budge, just give him a nickname, which he would use whenever in your company.

As a side note, I have fond associations with the name Ephram. I knew an Ephram once during the traveling days of my youth.

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